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Our Mission at GPOD of Idaho is to be the exclusive shipper of the famous Russet Burbank Potato. We strive to provide the best quality product possible by maintaining a highly favorable work environment, implementing the best and newest technology, and partnering with premium growers and distributors while still retaining our hands on heritage, ethics, and traditional values of uncompromising quality.

Our Team

General Manager

Kevin Searle

Sales Manager

Ryan Bybee


Calvin Butler

Sales Department

Landon Poulter

Field Department Manager

Jason Ard

Human Resources Manager

Deanna Stuart

Production/Warehouse Manager

Clayne Bloom

Office Manager/AR

David Reading

Northeast Sales

Louis Getzelman Sr.

Canyon Sales Co.


Office: (718) 589-0790
Cell: (347) 321-5007

Northeast Sales

Lou Getzelman Jr.

Canyon Sales Co.


Office: (718) 589-0790
Cell: (516) 661-3929

Northeast Sales

Mike Vallario

Canyon Sales Co.


Office: (718) 589-0790
Cell: (914) 290-0239

About GPOD

56 years and countless potatoes shipped throughout the United States, GPOD stands as the exclusive producer and supplier of home-grown Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes. 

Founded in Idaho Falls in 1968, Fred Thompson and John Gellings partnered with California's General Potato and Onion Distributors, LTD, to supply the northeastern US with the freshest potato on the market.

GPOD's Evolution


Over its history, GPOD has maintained its commitment to progress and sustainability. A new state of the art facility equipped with optical sorting machines, automated palletizers, and highly-trained personnel ensure only the best quality products reach our customers efficiently and safely.

GPOD's Commitment

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