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Idaho Russet Burbank Potato

#1 in the World

The world famous Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes are internationally renowned for their diverse uses in food dishes of all kinds. Its versatility to be fried, mashed, and baked allows for fluffier, lighter, better tasting potato than any other potato in the world. GPOD of Idaho is the only exclusive shipper of the famous Russet Burbank Potato.


The gold standard Russet Burbank seeds were first discovered by scientist Luther Burbank in 1914. Ever since, it's evolved with a variety of seeds and grow methods which is now considered the greatest commercial potato in the world.


Identified by its light brown, thin exterior, the oval Russet Burbank is slightly flattened with few shallow eyes. Its interior is noticeable by an off-white to ivory complexion accompanied by a moderately dense center.

Flavor Profile

One of the most notable features of the Russet Burbank is its distinctive, earthy potato flavor. Its high saturation of starch yields a grainy texture, creating a slightly thicker exterior skin. When baked, potatoes come out dry and fluffy; fries come out crisp and golden brown.


Whether you're wanting fresh, frozen, or dehydrated potatoes, the Russet Burbank accommodates any style of potato cuisine. To see some of our specialty recipes, click on our link below.

The Experts

Our Growers

GPOD works in tandem with well-established growers throughout Eastern Idaho to establish an optimal growing environment for the Russet Burbank. Our team controls quality, while our farmers handle the growing.

This tag-team process begins by testing volcanic-rich soil high in potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. By first controlling the growing and storage, the farmers and quality assurance handlers can then produce a premium Russet Burbank potato each and every time.

During the growing period, soil is monitored for temperature, moisture, potato depth, and localized factors that ultimately affect blemishing, bruising, or cuts. After their minimum gestation of 120 days, potatoes are carefully harvested with specialized equipment. The potatoes are then stored in carefully monitored dark storage cellars for up to 11 months after harvest.

The Russet Burbank is then pulled from storage, washed, and graded to meet the highest quality standards on the market.

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